How It Works

With access to premium Greenair diffusers at wholesale prices, you’ll be able to:

Attract New Buyers

Learning to be an oiler takes time. Avoid burnout and strengthen retention by getting new users over the learning curve with diffusers.

Increase Oil Consumption

Creating an enjoyable aromatherapy lifestyle through daily diffuser use is easily duplicated. The average diffusing household consumes 50+ drops of oil per day. Over a month, that totals to six 15 mL bottles of oil. Regularly reach 100+PV orders for a sustainable business model.

Grow Your Business

The Diffuser Model naturally increases OV across your downline. Diffusers can help expand your business by attracting new consumers, avoiding burnout, retaining current users, and increasing oil consumption.


Benefit From the World’s Leading Diffuser Manufacturer

Benefit From the World’s Leading Diffuser Manufacturer

Custom Pick your Own Diffuser Model


Reward hosts while attracting new ones by offering these highly decorative diffusers at your events.


Give our premium diffusers as “free gifts” to potential buyers to entice them to buy more oils (and even diffusers) at your events.


Get your customers to diffuse daily with these high capacity, long running diffusers, thus increasing oil consumption and increasing OV.


Generate qualified leads, enhance social media engagement, beef up your following and market your brand by doing a fun online giveaway. Choose from plenty of gorgeous diffuser eye candy and pair with your favorite essential oils to create a compelling campaign!


Our cost-effective portable diffusers make great giveaway prizes, where you can collect important contact information from prospective buyers.